Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I'm managing a fresh blog:

Monday, October 02, 2006

breakingform :::


Last night,
I treated myself to the opportunity
to scream at forever…

This is the story:

I didn’t select a place. One night I just drove until I stopped.
I didn’t really have a reason. I suppose I should have been buried
in a philosophy book, but I wasn’t. I needed time for myself, and
my thoughts.
I guess I didn’t exactly find a place to stop. A stopping point
found me. It was quiet, and it was dark, and it was fairly cold, and
I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The night was
beautiful - perfectly shaded so that every tree produced a pitch
silhouette against the navy backdrop, and as I stared across the
landscape, mountains were only vaguely visible miles away.
I stood for a long time. I tried to take in every single detail of my
surroundings. I wanted the cold air to make me shiver. I wanted to
remember every branch of every tree. I wanted to know what it was
like to be caught in the present - to only be concerned with what
was happening to me at that point in time.
Then I started to scream. No reason. I just opened my mouth and
let loose. I can’t remember exactly how long I stood and poured myself
into that moment, but I could have been happy there for days.
As I started to lose my breath, I felt a tear well up in my eye. So I
clenched my fists tighter. I let my throat become raw, and I let my voice
die out. Suddenly, that single tear made its way down my face, and
broke an 11-year dry spell.
I sobbed. Eleven years worth of bottled up emotion finally found the
opening it was longing for, and since then, I haven’t been able to turn the
faucet off…
Eventually, I collected myself. Somewhere along the line I had fallen to
my hands and knees, so I stood up, and I brushed myself off. I made my
way back to my truck, and I smiled.

I couldn’t have asked for a greater blessing…

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A thought.


It's hard to stay afloat,
with a heavy heart.

Especially when callousness
deflated the life raft.

Monday, August 14, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:


Dearest Reader,
Please understand, i’m not content.

Now that Synthetic Truth is the Ticket, and
OUR {PrOcEsSeD reality} is attractively
Packaged, and SHELvEd, next to the:
Kraft Easy Mac.

No, you see, dearest reader, it’s
To fully (((grasp))) that OUR commercialized
world contains an ounce<.oz.>of sincerity
while husbands leave #%black eye love you’s^$
and wives Lock Lips with Love’s golf buddies.

I believe that it’s all societal pornography
for a generation -content with the moment-
without willingness to wait for a meaningful

Q: what do we have to be proud of?

With infinite regret and without sympathy,

A: Nothing.

Dissapointment at its best.


shortly before sunset
i stared:

a young owl, well-versed in


worked his way across
a painted landscape
and dying light illuminated
wing woven patterns

To be honest, it was beautiful.

As dusk made way for night,
my friend gained confidence
and every intricacy of his craft

[Without Warning]

a hyperextension…….…shattered a joint.

his lack of inhibition was suddenly a curse,
and as he f
we were one.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Yesterday, a friend and I
scoffed at life.

Today, I watched a building crumble,
and all I could do
was lay beside it at ground level.

Tommorow, I'll hope for one more chance to:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Short and...


A suicide note, next to an empty bottle of bourbon, read:


Monday, April 24, 2006

A Slight Chance...


Feels like rain.
a cool breeze kiss
a whispered reminder

to stop .oOtake a momentOo. or two

brilliant grey skies peer down
longing to sob
begging to let go
so I stare back
reclined on overstuffed emotions
comfortable – in this moment
[caught] between headache
and heartbreak

***waiting for the first drop***

to signal that it’s o.k. to .c.
don’t wait to soak my soul .y.
drown current inhibitions .
and dissolve insecurities

I’ve been praying for an excuse to let myself be:

w a s h e d a w a y…